GreenCleanOffice passionately believes in ecological cleaning that balances the need for flawless + effective cleaning whilst minimising the impact on the environment.

adam -
managing director

Adam’s experience in the cleaning industry led him to understand that natural probiotic cleaning has proven to be a far more effective way to clean while protecting both the planet and the environment.

“It is our responsibility to work in partnership with our clients to provide a healthier environment at work by using cutting edge modern probiotics using nature‘s way to clean”



Over 60 cleaners provide genuinely green, high-quality office cleaning to all london businesses that value ethical and sustainable cleaning methods, that can help to improve the health of people and planet.

This is now combined with natural non-toxic antiviral Covid-19 cleaning to protect your business more than ever.

jane -
commercial director

Jane’s corporate experience led her to believe that too many cleaning companies seemed to forget their number one purpose ‘to clean really well’!

“We take our time to hire only the most experienced career cleaners to look after your offices. We really look after our cleaners, so that they, will really look after you”

samira -
consumables, product
research & control

“We always keep pushing forward and love to adapt and evolve”

maria -
cleaning team supervisor

“I work with the directors and the cleaning teams to make sure we are all happy, so our customers will be too!”

antonio -
cleaning team supervisor

“We know the most important thing I have to do is help all the teams clean really well – that’s our business”

Bring nature inside with probiotic office cleaning.
It works deeper and longer. Ask us how!

Probiotic Cleaning

Probiotics are specifically designed natural cleaning agents for areas at higher risk of microbial invasion and with higher footfall. They are especially beneficial for hospital and medical environments, care homes, clinics, veterinary surgeries, dentists and schools and of course, offices.

They are packed with the cleaning power of carefully selected ‘good’ probiotic bacteria, naturally sourced from plants. These highly effective, helpful probiotics are one of nature’s most powerful assets: They do not just remove dirt; they clean at a microbial level and reach deep into nooks and crannies. They restore natural environmental balance (a healthy microbiome) creating healthier indoor spaces with better air quality. They also continue to work between applications, giving longer lasting results.

Ecological Cleaning

To use cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients and procedures which are designed to preserve human health and environmental quality.

Antiviral Cleaning

Natural non-toxic virucidal cleaning agents deactivate or destroy viruses. Virucides are intended for use on surfaces. Virucides are currently being used as cleaning agents to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

''We don’t talk to GreenCleanOffice much because we don’t have to!
They always get the job done!''

Paola Tavella – Valeur Capital


We try to operate ethically in all we do, and to guide us we use a tool called :FHPC to help us make better decisions…

Fair - the way we treat and pay our cleaners

Honest - the way we engage with our clients

Positive - the way we will always find a solution

Creative - the way we evolve to adapt to needs


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