our amazing natural probiotic + antiviral cleaning products

GreenCleanOffice passionately believes in ecological cleaning that balances the need for flawless and effective cleaning whilst minimising the impact on the environment.

Our probiotic cleaning products are packed with the cleaning power of carefully selected ‘good’ probiotic bacteria, naturally sourced from plants.

These highly effective, helpful probiotics are one of nature’s most powerful assets: They do not just remove dirt; they clean at a microbial level and reach deep into nooks and crannies. They restore natural environmental balance (a healthy microbiome) creating healthier indoor spaces with better air quality. They also continue to work between applications, giving longer lasting results.

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Our antiviral cleaning products offer enhanced cleaning to hospital-grade standards and approved to European standard. Our virucides are currently being used as cleaning agents to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

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some of our products

Natural disinfectant. Antibacterial + anti virucidal. Designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria. Plant-based + biodegradable.

Anti virucidal medical-grade proven to kill Coronavirus, HIV, H1N1, Influenza virus, salmonella, listeria, E-Coli bleach-free, and non-toxic.

Natural hand soap. Government guidelines are still that regular handwashing is vital for protecting against COVID-19 transmission.

Natural antibacterial hand sanitizer gels that contain over 70% alcohol will kill over 99.9% of bacteria + viruses.

Natural probiotic multipurpose cleaner carrying the EU ecolabel + cradle to cradle certified gold.

Natural probiotic washroom cleaner preventing limescale, carrying the EU ecolabel + cradle to cradle certified gold.

Natural concentrated washing up liquid for powerful degreasing, carrying the EU ecolabel + cradle to cradle certified gold.

Natural powerful plant-based toilet cleaner that is tough on limescale, designed to lessen the burden on our planet’s resources.

Greenspeed, like GreenCleanOffice, is committed to providing smart cleaning solutions which have a real and positive impact on people and the environment.

Smart because our products are efficient, innovative, and ecological. They are thoroughly tested, clean hygienically in an innovative way and without using unnecessary toxic chemicals.

cirular cleaning

there is a growing awareness that our planet is not indestructible nor its assets inexhaustible and that we should be using the earth’s natural resources more consciously and carefully. “resource scarcity”, “sustainability” and “recycling” are becoming more everyday influences on our lives, but increasingly the concept of the “circular economy” is being understood and implemented. its definition is simple: an economy based on renewable resources. It also involves reusing or recycling products instead of sending them to overflowing landfills or incinerators. Greenspeed is making the circular economy a reality by implementing fully circular cleaning. our mission is to close the circle.


''An excellent service from the initial contact, right through to weekly cleaning. I do not believe you will find a better company to assist in your requirements.''

Adam Teper
Managing Director, Fairfield Properties Ltd


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