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hours paid for - hours cleaned

We guarantee that the hours you pay for are the hours we clean.


We use a sophisticated piece of geolocation technology that allows us to consolidate and distribute all data to and from our cleaners and this allows us to geolocate and track all our teams to guarantee location and hours worked at all times.

This reaffirms our commitment to be FHPC – fair, honest, positive, and creative at all times.

on-site monthly management visits

We guarantee to carry out on site management visit to all of our clients each and every month during your contract.


It is vital that you are satisfied with the quality of our work and that it never slips.

It is also important for our great family of cleaners to feel, and be supported by GreenCleanOffice at all times.

A happy and well supported cleaner is a happy and well satisfied client.

1 hour response

We guarantee to respond to all queries within 1 hour.


We hear so often that companies are dissatisfied with support service from cleaning companies.

Through phone, email, text and WhatsApp you can contact GreenCleanOffice 24/7 – 365 days a year – no problem – guaranteed response within 1 hour.

london living wage payer

We guarantee to pay your cleaner the full London Living Wage.


This is the only ethical way to operate.

We will also ensure that your cleaner travels no more than 40 minutes for any job under 5 hours and no more than 1 hour for any job under 8 hours.

We don’t want your cleaner to spend time and money travelling for ages. It’s not fair!

the best career cleaners

We guarantee to work with only very experienced career office cleaners.


Anybody can say that they are a cleaner.

So we utilise comprehensive in depth recruitment criteria coupled with ongoing management support and training, to provide you with cleaners that know how to clean, not just okay, but really really well.

It’s vital to keep you happy!

consumables and products

We guarantee to supply and restock all natural cleaning products and consumables in a cost-effective, honest and transparent way.


Where possible we will offer you the choice to use our range of environmental, recycled, and non-bleached papers and recycled or biodegradable plastics.

We are always looking to find to most sustainable supply chains.

natural probiotic cleaning

We guarantee to clean naturally using plant based products and advanced probiotics.


We use our probiotic natural green cleaning solutions to protect you and your colleague’s health and the health of the planet.

We also are able look after our cleaners health who are using these products daily. Unlike other companies, we could not, in good faith, send out our hardworking teams using products that are known to damage health.

simple and efficient pricing

We don’t think there’s much mystery in our pricing and it’s for this reason that we keep it as simple as possible.
We charge between £12.50 – £16.50 per hour.


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